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Teen Advisory Board [TAB] is a student leadership council that is advised by YToB Board of Directors & Production staff and serves its surrounding community of students, families, and educators.


You’re it! If you are a local teen (grades 9-12 or age 14-18), you could be a founding member of YToB’s Teen Advisory Board.  This is your opportunity to speak out, take the lead, innovate, and become an advocate for your peers and arts education.  You will also have the opportunity to gain leadership experience and log community service hours.


Founding [TAB] candidates will:

  • Attend required [TAB] meetings at Youth Theatre of the Bluegrass locations. Generally, meetings will be scheduled on weekday evenings. Students must arrange their own transportation.

  • Work collaboratively with other [TAB] members to brainstorm new initiatives, plan events, foster a sense of community among YToB students, and explore opportunities for arts advocacy and social action.

  • Work with other members to create and establish the [TAB] mission statement and council bylaws.



Ideal candidates will be:


  • Local students in grades 9-12 or age 14-18
  • Passionate about theatre and the arts

  • Self-motivated and willing to contribute

  • Able to attend meetings, and serve one calendar year

  • Team players, open to collaboration, and respectful of diverse views and ideas



How do I apply?


  • Complete the application found here: TAB Application
  • You may be invited to meet with YToB staff members as part of the selection process.

Deadline for applications: 

January 31, 2022 at 5:00 PM


How will you know?


You will be contacted within two weeks of this deadline regarding the status of your application. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about [TAB] or the application. Drop us an email at

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